Hiya guys,

My name is jessica, i live in new zealand and need a bit of help. for school i have to write a creative writing peice on saddle bronc riding...i know a bit about it but i dont no about the rules or scoring. from what i understand you are scored between 0-100 and this is made up of urs and ur horses points.?? is 80-90 i good score?? what makes a good horse and a good rider? what do u get points for. do u have to stay on for 8 seconds?? or 3??
if u have any info or personal experiences about this it would be very useful to me.


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my sale blog thing, thejadedshack is finally up and running. I just put sme jeans on there, one of which is Lawman show jeans, for anyone who shows WP. Anyhow, I'll put more stuff up as I get time, some of which will be western wear, I have some show shirts and when i get to it, tack. =) x-posted

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Hi ya'll! I'm a Montana cowgirl originally from a little tiny town up near the Canadian boarder of 700 people. I now live/go to college in Missoula & I miss my horses SO much! I'm on the equine team, but showing just isn't the same as rodeo! I just wanted to meet some fellow cowboys & make some new friends!

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Anyone have any rodeo's coming up?

& is anybody in the south? (I mean the REAL south...)

ya'll practice at your own places or do you go some place and, if you go some place are there generally a lot of people at practice?


Reason I ask is;
a)I dont have any horses I want to use for buckin horses (I try not to let mine do that...)
b)we dont have an arena, and
c)if we happen to have a calf it gets ate before too long
I have to go elsewhere for practice & I REALLY wish (most of the time) I could just practice alone. ya know? Without the crowd and noise....

yea, so I was wonderin how other people get a long with practicing @ big(ger) arenas with a buncha people sitting around.
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You know what? I've been living in Southern California for SO LONG. I just...

I just need someone, ANYONE, to post some photographs of cowboys. Just your brothers, friends, uncles, fathers...I miss them. SO MUCH.
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Okay, so my friend works in a frame shop in NY. And so...this guy comes in, and he turns out to be a director of a documentary film featuring 3 of our favorite cowboys, Bull Rider. He wanted several posters framed, so my friend took pictures of the posters. (He might come back with spares, where upon she will snatch some for me. *cackle*).

So. Here are the pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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Well the girl that i have had fellings for sience june finally came out and told me how she felt the other day. told me that she was in love with me. and i could not be happyer i am in love with her aswell. she makes me smile and brought purpos back into my life.

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Hopefully this won't sound too stupid, but I didn't have the same oppurtunities as most of you growing up. I'm interested in getting more involved in rodeos, but I have little to no actual riding experience. I was wondering what ya'll think of the Sankey rodeo schools or similar options for learning and getting more involved, or if you have other ideas for someone who doesn't have ready access to equipement nor experienced folk.


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well another long and boring night at the air force bace. the girl i have been introsted in for some time now finaly told me that she was in love with me. :) i could not be happyer. She had me form hello. more to come have to go out on the fligh line they are having some problems with some of the troops out there have to go and see what's up.